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25 September 2020 @ 08:44 pm
The One Where The Journal Gets 50% Locked  
I have now changed the journal to 50% locked. Graphics, tuts etc will remain unlocked whilst all personal entries are locked. Please comment. on this entry with a brief introduction about yourself as well as a little line stating why you'd like to be added as a friend. I am not a picky person or anything of that nature so there 99.9% chance that you'll get added, I just prefer adding you after knowing you rather than just spilling my soul out on this journal to perfect strangers. Hope everyone understands and doesn't mind this change.


♥: amused
♫: Maza Le - Wanted
(Anonymous) on September 28th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
Thank you so much Prathna, and sorry my name is Kalpana, I didn't post it. Believe me I read your comment about Wanted 10 times. It made me so happy to read such a good about him after a long time..(there have been many negative things on Salman during Wanted promotion)...I think I should stop making this into a Salman fc..haha...love your layout,it looks amazing.